Data recovery and data repair from all devices

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  • Own lab! Own work!
  • Nearly 100% backup success rate!
  • More data recovery companies we serve.
    If you’re wrong media come to us first-hand, the better you can!
  • Technically equipped with high-quality service!
  • SCANLAF Clean-room!
  • Professional data recovery tools!
  • Fast, efficient work!
  • You pay, just after success recovery!
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Of Your datas is not disappeared, just do not see now! Bring it us the defective media, you try with us!

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About data recovery some information:

The Adatvissza, data recovery team had made several thousand successful jobs due to our unique recovery technology, professional equipment and experts with many years of experience. That is sufficient in order to identify the causes of data loss and quick recovery of data which is important to you to minimalize the cost occured by this failure.

Monitoring changes in computer technology we constantly develop and extend our recovery technology in order to maintain high quality level.

We solve several data recovery and file reconstruction problem daily to comapnies and individuals. It is important to us to inform our customers about the different phases of the data recovery process and the keep the privacy of the documents we handle.

We hope that you will contact us with great confidence in order to recover and receive your lost data.