Memory card

Memory card data recovery/Flash drive data recovery


In the process of Memory card and pendrive data recovery

The price of data recovery

What failure, losing of data can occur?

  • Damage of memory chip drive
  • Accidentall deletion
  • Sector errors
  • The computer asks for formatting the card at the time of card connection
  • Pendrive is unknown by the computer
  • The seen library and files can not be opened
  • The opened pictures slide apart
  • Damaged digital camera
  • Corrupt photograph
  • Fire, water, or other physical damages
  • The connection of pendrive breaks into the computer


What memory cards are prepared data backup?

  • All products, types, models
  • All sizes
  • Old or new types
  • All adapter interface
  • MP3 player data recovery
  • Types of iPod media players
  • Memory cards of all cameras
  • Digital videocamera data recovery
  • USB drive data recovery
  • Mobile phone SIM
  • Mobile phone memory card data recovery
  • PDA or POCKET-PC memory card
  • Pendrive, MP3 player
  • CF-Type I/II/Ultra, Micro Drive (MD)
  • MS, MS- Pro, HS-MS-Pro, MS-Duo, MS-Pro-Duo, HS-MS-Pro-Duo,
  • MS-Magic Gate
  • SD, SDHC, Micro SDHC, SD-Ultra, SDC, MMC, HSMMC, RS-MMC, Micro SD data recovery
  • Mini SD, T- Flash, SM, X-Card, XD-card
  • Minden ismert FLASH – memory

Important! If you notice any unconventional disorder by the attached Pendrive or any other Flash storages, disconnect the suspiciously behaving device, or turn off your computer.

It is necessary in order to avoid further failures. There are several free recovery softwares available. Using them without any experience could lead to more severe irreversible failures on the defected disk.

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Immediate assistance to restore important data!

We are at your service in case of emergency backup, any time of day, as well as holidays and bank holidays.

Emergency Data Recovery: within the shortest possible time, a colleague of us personally takes over the defective media, and delivers it to our premises. Testing begins immediately and a quotation is prepared, it takes an average of one hour. Subsequently you are informed the recoverable amount of data, the exact cost of data backup and the expected duration of the data, the restoration begins immediately after the adoption. In this case we expect plus 30 percent of emergency surcharge, to the cost of data recovery. In case of failing the emergency bid 25.000,- Ft plus VAT, an invoice will be sent to you.

Normal Data Recovery: For this service, you can contact the site also indicated taking place at Budapest, 5. district, Báthory utca 3., at the Kurzor Ltd. injected into the defective media. Testing is free and the bid is made within 1-2 days, and this describes you. You will be informed of the exact recovery costs that the recoverable amount of data, the expected duration of the backup, which is normally calculated as the quotation is accepted in case of 1-2 working days, more complex failure may be different.

You can make use of our free courier service as well, which is suitable for your working day, free of charge takes the defective media.

Ask for assistance, call us now!

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