Laptop / Notebook

What kind of notebooks are we able to work with?

  • Any brand, type or model
  • Any generation, old or new
  • Any kind of OS ( Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc )
  • Any kind of data loss from the simple one to the most sophysticated, caused by fire, water, virus mechanical damage, file corruption, system collapse, hardware failure etc.

Signs which could be caused by data loss or other failures

  • Strange unusual noise
  • Blue screen
  • Sector failure ( Bad Sector )
  • Slow operation, slow copying, stopping during copying process
  • Slow start of OS
  • SMART warning during booting

What have to be done in case of a failure?

  • Turn of the notebook immediately, any further operation could damage the HDD ( or HDD?s ), makes recovery more difficult
  • Do not restart the notebook
  • Do not reinstall or load the backup disc
  • Do not shake or try to open the HDD
  • Do not try to restore files with any auxiliary software
  • Never operate a device with an unknown failure

Important! If you notice any unusual feature during normal operation please turn off your notebook or if you operate with a power supply disconnect from power. It is necessary in order to avoid further failures.

There are several free recovery softwares available. Using them without any experience could lead to more severe irreversible failures on the defected disk.

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