Data recovery process

In case of a need for data recovery you can send us your order by filling the online order form which is not a must but could fasten our reaction time in order to contact you.

Privacy policy

Using online order form please click here


In normal case inspection is free of charge, in emergency cases we only charge for inspection if offer is refused. ( please see Emergency Data recovery, Normal recovery).

  • We contact the person listed in the order form by phone or other preferred means, in order to gather more information about the failure
  • Inspection, testing and measurement starts
  • After inspecting we clarify if the failure is physical ( hardware ) or logical ( file structure ) or both.
  • We contact you with the full analysis and inform you about the expected data recovery ration, duration and costs.
  • If the given information is not satisfactory we return the device.
  • If our offer is accepted then we start data recovery immediately.

Data recovery

  • After your confirmation we start recovery process/After approval, we will start the backup.
  • After repairing we make a copy / clone of your disk.
  • For any further actions we use the clone not the original device.
  • We make further investigaton with the clone device. We make evaluation on the file system, and correct file errors with a special process.
  • The recovered data will be stored on a secured place without any link to networks.
  • If the original device is within guarantee limit and could be changed or repaired then will be returned to you

Recovered data

  • The recovered data could be sent to you on different ways: CDRW, DVD, new HDD or external storage device
  • Customer have to supply us the desired device
  • The recovery data will be stored for 15 days for security reasons, after this period it will be deleted.
  • Upon special request we could extend the storage period of the recovered data. The maximum time frame is 30 days.

Security and privacy of your data is high priority for us. /We attach utmost importance to the safety of your data and obliges us to secrecy.