Privacy policy

  • Your personal information is treated fairly and in accordance with legal requirements.
  • In order to protect personal data stored and managed in our data set for an appropriate safety procedures performed, which prevents unauthorized access, modification or distribution.
  • Adatvissza uses the tools to conduct data backup with a private network (for example not connected to the Internet).
  • Customers can only have access to your media workers within strict rules on the confidentiality of data respecting.
  • We undertake in the handling of your personal information that fully complies with the internationally accepted data protection provisions.
  • The personal information is used and managed only a successful implementation of data backup.
  • We keep your data in accordance with applicable legal and ethical expectations and obligations, only for the time strictly necessary to achieve the goals all in this case.
  • Adatvissza does not extract or forward your information by third parties. We do not share any information with third parties without your prior explicit approval. Your approval is defeasible at any time thereafter.
  • In those cases where you are enabling the transfer of data to third parties for any reason inevitable, we try to ensure that the third party to provide the same level of protection as Adatvissza team.