What kind of pendrives and memory cards are we able to work with?

  • Any brand any type or model
  • Any density
  • Old or new type
  • Any interface
  • MP3 players
  • iPod type players
  • Any camera memory card
  • Digital video camera
  • USB drive
  • SIM card
  • Mobile memory card
  • Memory card of PDA?s or Pocket-PC?s
  • Pen drive, MP3 player
  • CF-Type I/II/Ultra, Micro Drive (MD)
  • MS, MS- Pro, HS-MS-Pro, MS-Duo, MS-Pro-Duo, HS-MS-Pro-Duo,
  • MS-Magic Gate
  • >Mini SD, T- Flash, SM, X-Card, XD-card
  • Any kind of flash memories

What kind of failures, data loss can occur?

  • Mechanical break<
  • Accidental formatting
  • Sector failures
  • Formatting after connecting
  • PC is not recognizing the device
  • Files and folders could be seen but we are unable to open
  • Damaged digital camera
  • Corrupt picture
  • Fire, water or other physical damage
  • Broken pen drive connector

Important! If you notice any unusual feature during normal operation please disconnect your device. It is necessary in order to avoid further failures. There are several free recovery softwares available. Using them without any experience could lead to more severe irreversible failures on the defected device.

Ask for assistance, call us at: +36 30 370 73 07