Terms of services

Data rescue general service one and conditions of contract

Valid: 2011. February from 14

AdatVissza adatmentés Kft. (trusted additional ones) the data rescue the conditions of a service and his contract, binds it to the one fixed in the undermentioned ones:

1. The present tops an order trusting a contract with fixed conditions with it, that his data medium examines and let the delegate make a data rescue according to the data fixed in a worksheet which can be attained on our website filled in by the employer. An employer has to fill in the worksheet according to the meaning and according to the reality. From the wrong or incomplete filling in of the worksheet resultant (during the data rescue emerging) surplus the delegate does not vouche a responsibility for  .

2. Data medium examining the delegate, according to the selected service type (normal data rescue, emergency data rescue examining), examines the data medium, has information about it, prepares an offer, which implies it,: the technical state of the data medium, the feasibility of the data rescue, the price of the data rescue and his time span.

3. The customer decides that he asks the data rescue based on the offer or foregoes him. The time span marked in the offer is beginning in the time of the order of the data rescue. In as much the time of the fulfilment lengthens significantly, it will take longer, than 60 days (this may be due to the difficulty in sourcing spare parts), the client may decide whether to coninue maintaining his order in the future or foregoes the service.

4. The employer has to pay an any kind of prize in case of the normal data rescue, if it is a data rescue cannot be realised, concerned if it foregoes a data rescue based on the expert opinion. The employer RAID, concerned emergency data rescue normal and emergency data rescue in case of an extra service only the test fee burdens at this time.

5. The delegate considers the data rescue finished one, if:

  • The saved substance was ready.
  • From this direction the employer on a telephone, in a letter (e-mail) informed it.
  • The saved substance was inaugurated / you are the customer the rescue got onto resignation from his part/ or if the delegate does not undertake the rescue or its continuation.
  • And the wrong data mediums onto passing or the place of the submission they got to a redelivery.

6. The employer takes notice of it, that if the expert opinion/and you are an offer orders the data rescue after his receipt, some the entrusted authorized to invoice for the price of the data rescue. The entrusted authorized to invoice for the price of the data rescue in that case, if the employer orders the data rescue despite it, that the expert opinion does not suggest the rescue because of the considerable data losing.

7. Contra-indicate, in case of a big data rescue being risky, orders it if the employer insists on the service after the preliminary negotiation, the unsuccessful data rescue only the expense of the component of which use was made burdens. From the expected sum of this the negotiation receives information on his row already.

8. If the data rescue is considerable data losing on his row expected, price reduced compared to the offer so the delegate establishes it. The employer may accept the new offer at this time or may reject it. In as much the employer does not accept the modified offer, some normal data rescue may forego the order without a payment liability, RAID, at the time of an emergency normal, emergency extra data rescue only the examining prize burdens.

9. The passed data mediums get with a breakdown to the delegate generally and is found at this time, that the operating, data decompression, the state of the data medium is deteriorating longer in the course of a part replacement, you are it totally becomes out of order. The delegate cannot guarantee the integrity of the components in the course of the rescue, the usage of the wrong data medium, does not vouche a responsibility for its original state, his functioning ability for additional breakdowns occurring in the course of his correction, so. The employer asks the service, the pledge one in the consciousness of this with the acceptance of conditions/declares it with his signature, that the one with a spoiled state, one’s out of order was divorcing supports an any kind of claim because of data medium.

10. A data rescue service made by a delegate does not mean the restoration of the data medium, but the recovery of the data stored on it and him making a copy onto other data medium.

11. The employer vouche a full responsibility for the secret treatment of the delegate’s data, that is declares that this contract is his fulfilment this contract excludes data of which he learns on his row and information according to his aim, makes use of it until necessary time, and does not make them public, a third party does not convey it for him, the exterior specialist may be an exception (in case of need), who he obliges to the secrecy with an entrusted level just like this.

12. A delegate reserves the right of it, that the problem affecting the safety of the data arrived by way of the mediator on his case data rescues with the original proprietor of the data the contact to let him put it on for the averting of a problem.

13. From the employer’s data the employer prepared backup following the data rescue until 14 days preserves it, eliminates the copy then, withdrawn if an employer takes action on this some other way. Under the time span of the conservation from the rescued data the customer may ask a newer copy free of charge. After the annihilation in connection with an assigning additional claim, the given data rescue, may not make an appearance.

The submission of devices onto a data rescue:

  • We hand over the saved data on other data medium in all cases, we went in an any kind of case onto the original data medium get back!
  • In case of a hard disk data rescue the saved data 20GB we rescue it onto DVD in case of a data quantity, the delegate insures this.
  • 20GB we rescue it onto a hard disk, the employer may insure this, you are the employer may ask the delegate for the purchase of a new hard disk, which one delegate it can on a current market price then to obtain.
  • The passing of the saved data happens after the equalisation of the prize of the service!
  • Accepted salary manners: cash, relating, you are an interest-free hire purchase.
  • The current price list of the worksheet and the delegate belongs to the contract.
  • The provisions of the civil statute book normative onto the present contract.

Other important required informations:

  • The disintegration of the data medium entails the loss of the guarantee! There is need for this in many cases, we give information beforehand at this time, and the employer may decide it in the consciousness of this asks the rescue, or rejects being allowed to enforce the guarantee.
  • The delegate does not vouche a responsibility for the lost guarantee after the order of the data rescue.
  • In as much to the data rescue component a necessary expected time span marked in the offer may change!
  • The delegate provides a register number with 6 tickets for the administration. This for the employer expedient confidentially to treat, the third may spend it on the own responsibility of a half only. A delegate does not vouche a responsibility for the harms following from this possibly, they exclusively employer burden.
  • His assigning wrong data medium the interest of his safety not we give it back in a time with the rescue, but following the cheque of the saved data. There is need for this because of the minimisation of the opportunity of additional data losing. In as much there are a problem, a remark in connection with the rescue, then to the correction there may be need for the original device. From this there is an opportunity in case of a claim independently onto him, that the delegate gives back the wrong data medium in a time with the rescue. It is necessary to signal this claim separately.
  • The employer did not transport after the conclusion of the data rescue service his devices until the entrusted 90 days, preserves it, eliminates the data file then the data mediums get into the depository of the entrusted component!