Data backup scratchy and bearing failure on 1 TB Western Digital hard drive

In recent days was dealing with a very poor state hard drive. After clean-space with the breakdown was seen entering a point where you start with a small scratch, and without a visible marking of approx. 2mm ring-like seizing.

The sight horrified us, but the owner insisted hard to do under the circumstances is a test for data backup. Thus, it was necessary first To convert the plates, which in itself is not a simple task, since it is composed of three plates of the drive. The problem is: the motor shaft are mounted on the magnetic disk, which are separated or take apart one ring. If you have loosened the bolts that hold these plates and end plates clamp rings, you can easily able to carry the plates rotate relative to each other, and then “it’s all over.” Therefore, care must be taken to position the plates relative to one another to remain permanently. At this stage of the installation a couple of our specific tool was needed. After the plates were rearranged to replace other parts as well, and after the first start-up, surprisingly behaved. In normal use, but started falling head scratched the side was required to turn off. The remaining five heads and szerencsékre complete physical copy of the damaged site is only a few MP3 files / music involved, which was not important to the owner. Ultimately, what was important to him, was restored to all, so it can be considered successful backup was made scratched and bearing defective hard disk. 🙂